The Joy of Technology

It happen to all of us, something goes wrong. It doesn’t matter whether you know everything about technology and can fix a problem in a matter of minute or you have no knowledge and it takes a matter of luck whether you can fix the problem yourself. Last week, I suffered at the hands of being ‘Technologically Crippled’. A local tower in my area went down due to some issues, normally this wouldn’t be an issue except for when your internet running through your landline. And when a local tower goes down, the landline goes down and the internet follows suit. For four days I was not able to even get onto the internet to see if it was working. Over these four days I was sick and at home, the best time to get some assignment work in when I was awake, but due to a lack of connectivity, this was just a dream. I was stuck there without anyway of finding information. The little data I had was used for emails and important notifications. For the second time in my life I had to go to the Ipswich library to send of some important email that couldn’t be sent on my phone. Lucky it was only four days and I was able to fix the problem.

But this makes me think, just how important is the internet to our lives. Personally, as much as I like to say I am not dependent, I am. And I need to be connected. To stay in touch, to complete assignment, to function at a normal capacity. Plus I need facebook to remind me who has a birthday coming up!

Let me know how important being connected is to you?

Keep Moodling on Everyone.

Good luck with your assignment.


Catch up or watch Ellen?

So yesterday I was catching up with my good friends Charlotte and Alex (check out her blog). We were sitting in the new sort of open area in the new building with the big massive TV in the middle (awesome idea and concept), when I noticed that I was watching Ellen, yes I like Ellen, and completely missed the conversation that I was involved in, and no just because I’m male doesn’t mean I can’t do two things at once. But it made me think if I was so easily distracted by a kid on the Ellen show while just having lunch, what about the guys and girls that have classes in the new classrooms with a view of the TV. I know I’d get distracted especially if I wasn’t fully engage or not feeling well. What do you guys think? Has anyone had classes in the new rooms?

Let me know what you think in a comment below.

So… Prac is coming up.

So weeks ago I got an email from USQ support asking me to fill out a prac form. I thought great, perfect opportunity to put down that I can do a country prac out near Boonah somewhere. I had it all plan to stay with my Uncle and Aunt during the three weeks and because I work with them I’d save a little money on travel, Bonuses all round. Several week later and now as I write this I’m thinking how important the internet is in finding online resource, quotes and anything related to assignment work. I’m also thinking that my Uncle and Aunt don’t have internet (they do just not a lot and I don’t want to use it all on them). So I am desperate to find out my prac place, because if it is still somewhere in Ipswich (the location I put down as my ‘headquarters’) then I’m fine. But if I get somewhere out near Boonah and I have to stay with my Uncle and Aunt, then I’m in trouble. Not only will I not be able to access resource for in class lessons, but also no access to assignment related materials (AND FACEBOOK). So the solution I though best was to talk to the school I get about allowing me access to there internet for the use of practical materials and resources to use and also for the use toward my assignment. Even with a small school donation if I have to. But fingers crossed I get a nice school that will be happy to help me out. Does anyone have any ideas about how to go for an internet plan for three week?

Thanks for reading guys and girls. Keep in tune and good luck again.

Bye Bye Holidays.

So the holidays are a week behind us all and I am again a week behind ICT. The motivation to start uni back has only just kicked in and the thought of writing a blog post is like a swift kick in the butt again. Its good to see that I am not the only with Alex (starting a lot sooner than me) getting her self back into action with a few positive quotes. But I tell you, the hardest thing this week as been to get back on the study desk. Minus the fact that we are on-campus students and doing on-line work is bad enough, but having the study desk running at two pages loading per hour is unbelievably challenging. I think I fell asleep twice in the last hour just trying to load a page. And I’m not the only with Makayla also stressed with the weight of assignments on her shoulders.

But we must push on hey!…

Alright guys, Hope this weeks been a good week. And good luck for the following.

Lets talk.

Hi Everyone. Just warning you all that this is a little bit personal but I will try and keep it professional.

Lets talk about online bullying. During my life I’ve never really been bullied online due to the fact it just wasn’t around while I was growing up. Instead I was bullied the old fashion way, physically by boys and verbally by girls. Most of this happened in primary school and a little bit in high school, but it really got to me fast. Especially since I’m not the stereotypical manly man, I’m soft, sensitive and yes I cry, I am happy to admit that. I’m also seeing a therapist for anxiety and depression.

But in the recent weeks I’ve been ‘picked on’, I wouldn’t say bullied but picked on is a good word for it, by people from my past. The thing is I am 21 years old this year and these people have really gotten to me. Mentally been distracting me from my work at uni and physically it has really run me down to the point I feel sick. Basically I’ve taken the bait and been sucked in.

But imagine what kids, either in primary school or high school, going through, especially when you add in puberty and a lot of changes, imagine how they feel, how they cope. It is no wonder it can seem like every second kid out there is suffering from a form of depression whether mid or extreme. Because there are people out there that see the fun in putting down others and getting a reaction. I think we definitely need to keep up the supporting role as teachers on how students can ‘deal’ with these problems. And I say ‘deal’ because it will never go away, I can say with confidence that it will be apart of all kids lives through out there live, which is sad but true.

As well as teachers I think parents need to do as much as possible to stay up to date and informed of what is going on with our children. I am not a parent yet but I hope when the day comes that my son or daughter would feel comfortable talking about these things with me, because I don’t want them to suffer like I have. But I do understand that this is very hard work to establish that connection in a world were kids can hide nearly there entire lives from there parents online.

I think one important step that needs to be repeatedly told to kids of all ages is how to use the block button on Facebook. I’ve recently had to block three of the people ‘picking on’ me and it has helped. Obviously for kids I is made harder if the bullies attend the same school as them because they will at some point cross paths and have to deal with them.

But I think that it is important as people like us, who are passionate about kids and want to see kids excel in life, be a major part in helping these kids learn how to deal with these things or even just be a friendly person for kids to talk to.

I hope this gets around because it is a really important thing now in the schooling environment and in any environment really.

I hope everyone is going alright with there assignments though.



And Assignment one is finally complete!

So I’ve finally complete Assignment one Woohoo. I got to say I actually did enjoy doing the assignment and making a website but I don’t know if I got the creative talent for it.

So a brief introduction. I am a year 7 teacher at Ipswich State School teaching geography. In the website I am basically just providing the lookout for parents on what there sons and daughters will being doing through the first term. I’ve linked two content descriptors from the Water of the World section with three skills and concepts to create activities and assessment that will introduce several aspects of ICT, which I think is cool.

So if you got the time take a look and maybe comment a few pointer? I’m always happy to find out how I can do better especially with anything related to computers.

The web pages is called ICT4Parents so jump on and hopefully enjoy

Good luck everyone.


The Big Three.

So this is a post I should have put up three weeks ago as it was one of the first things we learnt about. The Big Three! Three reason to use ICT in the classroom and they are as followed;

1. ICT can help prepare the next generation for the future workplace;

2. ICT can make schools more efficient and productive; and

3. ICT can reform and innovate learning and teaching.


The first of the big three look at preparing current and future students at becoming a productive member of society in terms of the ability to use current and future ICTs. This also looks at teacher and whether we as teacher are prepared to teach in a workplace that relies heavily on ICTs.

The second looks at how ICTs are being used within the school environment. ICTs are meant to be used to reform and innovate tasks in the classroom. For example using an interactive smart board without interacting with it, this would be an ineffective use of ICTs in the classroom. So the real question for us as teachers is are we using ICTs in the classroom and if we are, are we using them to make learning more effective and productive?

The last of the big three is the main concentration for our current assignment, ICT can reform and innovate learning and teaching. I touched on this in the last paragraph but this point is more focused on enhancing and or transferring the learning and teaching in the classroom environment. ICTs should also help to create an innovated learning environment, creating new ways of learning and gaining understand of particular topics.

I hope you enjoy this little snippet of information.

Good lucky to everyone with your assignments.